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Localised food system

Mushrooms can be supplied from each of the three farms on the Northern Rivers. During 2024 MycoFarm will open CBD outlets, on two family owned sites in Tweed Heads and Casino which will acts as integrated urban mushroom farms located in the CBD of each town.

Ultimately aims to localise the community food system and spread more understanding within the urban bubble as to where food comes from and how it is grown. As a first step the business hopes to bring more unique varieties of mushrooms and fungi together with its own extracts, burgers, jerky and mushroom derivative products to each local community and outlet where it operates.

IVF Centres

Mycofarm™ is dedicated to ‘local’ food production. Whilst many urban households can grow their own mushrooms from kits, many customers choose not to; preferring the convenience and social interaction of buying food from a local farm outlet.

As part of our commitment to localised production, smaller farming footprints and the closed loop recycling of raw materials, the Company has set up on each of its current sites an Internal Vertical Farm (‘IVF’ unit) where fresh mushrooms are picked and sold, and which IVF Centres are capable of future transformation into a local ‘microbrewery’ for ‘Precision Brewing’ of foods with which the company is at the forefront of developing (see NEWS).

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