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Supporting local production

We’re a small Australian owned independent business with a team committed to working with local customers as much as we can! Our mushroom farm, sources local growing mediums and implements sustainable and renewable farming practices. As our mushrooms are grown and harvested locally, close to the point of consumption so we can ensure the freshest product available and minimum freight costs and carbon footprint.


Growing gourmet mushrooms is gentle on Mother Earth. We use organic, biodynamic and non-GMO ingredients and compostable or recyclable packaging.

Spray Free

No sprays or harmful chemicals are used in the growing of our mushrooms as they are either Wild Harvested (e.g. truffles) from our own forests or grown in our own environmentally controlled IVF Units.

High Diversion Rate

All our farm waste is repurposed. Spent substrates are packed up and collected weekly where they are then used as a key ingredient in compost mixes.

Local Hardwoods

We try to recreate the idea conditions to fruit our mushrooms. Sustainably sourced Northern Rivers hardwood sawdust is carefully selected, tested and blended into every one of our mushroom blocks.

Minimising land and carbon footprints

Growing vertically (i.e. Internal Vertical Farm’s) significantly reduces the amount of land space needed to grow plants compared to traditional farming methods.

Modern Farming

IVF farming units enable us to control all variables such as light, humidity, air exchange and temperature year-round and allows predictable production with reliable harvests.


We cherish our people - our amazing team, the people we partner with and most importantly, our happy consumers - You! Without you, we wouldn’t exist, so we’re always keen to hear your questions, thoughts and feedback.

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