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Mycofarm™, as a pioneer in the growing of mushroom and all manner of fungi in Australia and the Pacific aims to be Australia’s leading grower, packer and marketer of fresh and dried mushroom products and is currently preparing with external consultants its 2024 Sustainability Report.

This Report shall provide key data on our actions across our Sustainable Commercial Farming principles and includes metrics relating to water use and water efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and production.

For the first time, we have quantified our waste streams across our diverse farming operations. This is a significant step towards our goal of minimising waste to landfill and creating a circular, closed loop waste production and management system.

Our Report also will include our actions in areas including biodiversity, community, workforce, climate change and production yield.

Key highlights include:

  • More than 60% of our waste is mulched, recycled or reused by third parties.
  • >Each of our three sites produce solar energy including a new floating solar array on our Lismore site.
  • New technology for tree crop mapping and yield forecasting.
  • New technology integrating our MycoSense management system for all IVF centres.<
  • Expansion of our IVF sites.
  • Irrigation sensing technology to optimise water use.
  • Support and assistance for local communities.
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